Why Partner & Participate

Why Participate?

  1. Discover  your  leadership strengths and how to apply them
  2. Disentangle from leadership myths that hold you and others back
  3. Grow skills in building shared directions, new initiatives and being an effective change agent amidst complexity
  4. Become a catalyst for leadership growth in others, enhancing the quality of teams under your care
  5. Deepen your relational capacities, for connecting with communities and having difficult conversations
  6. Build an adaptive approach to challenges and skills in working collaboratively across the system
  7. Strengthen the meaning foundations and purpose that drives your leadership

Why Partner?

  1. To draw on the wisdom of a wide range of contributors
  2. Diversity can aid learning and questioning of assumed practices
  3. Complex adaptive challenges require respectful collaboration within and between organisations
  4. Collaborative learning can build trust and a basis for further action
  5. Benefits and viability can be gained from increased visibility and economies of scale